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The Guardians

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The Culture

Our story began with a spark, a shared dream to advocate diversity and inclusion in the realm of technology. 
To engage our learner community through storytelling, we have imagined a fictional Genetrix kingdom, where anyone, regardless of background and skills, could unlock the power of technology.

Nestled in the heart of a lush, diverse landscape, Genetrix is a realm of rolling hills, ancient forests, sparkling rivers, and towering mountains. 
The kingdom’s borders are marked by the ever-shifting mists of the “Veil of Serenity,” a mystical barrier that separates Genetrix from the chaotic forces that lie beyond.
Genetrix is inhabited by a remarkable society of strong and skilled individuals who have harnessed the power of technology with a touch of magic.
They have honed their abilities in various disciplines, such as digital skills, AI and much more.
The inhabitants  form an unbreakable community nurturing each other’s talents and working together to ensure the kingdom’s safety.

The Veil of Serenity serves as Genetrix ‘s first line of defense against the chaotic forces beyond its borders. This barrier requires constant attention and energy to keep the forces of chaos at bay.

At the forefront of Genetrix’s defense are the Border Guardians. These valiant heroes are chosen from the kingdom’s most skilled tactical experts, engineers and innovators.

The kingdom is filled with stories of legendary heroes who have defended Genetrix from the brink of destruction.
These stories inspire new generations and solidify the belief that strength, ingenuity, and unity can overcome any challenge.
Genetrix is not only a fortress against chaos but also a haven of culture, art, and learning.
The arts and sciences thrive, with laboratories and workshops fostering creativity and invention.
About Genetrix

Genetrix is web3 based gamified eduverse where people learn and earn via playing different games, it is fun, even addictive.

Our platform allows creators and educators to access  powerful gamified engagement tools like streaks, badges, and leaderboards to create daily habits and build a lucrative and retentive content business.

Genetrix Founders

Genetrix Founders

Chris Zhong is an experienced tech executive with a rich network in blockchain, corporate and VC space. She has 17+ years of professional experience, having worked at Interchain Foundation,  Bank for International Settlements,  Microsoft,  Accenture.

Ioana Luncan is a highly skilled software engineer, with a master degree in computer science and with 16 years industry experience across financial corporations (HSBC, BNP, Société Générale) and startups.