Creative Tech Club -
Acquire with us In-Demand Digital Skills
with a Holistic Approach

How Genetrix Unlocks the Power of Creative Tech

The Genetrix Eduverse is a space of tech creativity and mindfulness where representation and participation matters.

In today’s era of technology, it is essential to promote through innovation  the acquisition of digital skills among individuals of all ages and genders.

What we offer

Creative Tech Trainings

Engage in cutting-edge online courses and workshops designed to master the latest digital tools and techniques in No-code and Artificial Intelligence

Technical assistance

Receive our technical assistance to seamlessly integrate the most innovative digital tools and techniques into your daily operations for enhanced efficiency and growth


Immerse yourself in mindfulness techniques that allow you to reflect and rejuvenate amidst your tech-driven pursuits, alongside like-minded people

Call to Volunteers

Ready to make a difference?
We invite you to become an active participant.

Contribute your expertise, share your stories, and inspire others by becoming a mentor, workshop facilitator, or content creator.

Together, we can unlock the potential of technology for a better world !